The performers play the piece in the outer, "acoustic" space, in the presence of the audience. The live performance and the acoustic space may seem somewhat mysterious at first, a landscape that's difficult to parse and as yet to be explored.



a pied piper interlude, during which the shakuhachi player leads the audience into the inner space for the mediated performance.



Within the inner space, the "den", the audience is surrounded by speakers and video monitors through which they encounter the same performance, repeated live in the outer space, but completely transformed by real-time audio and video processing. The mediators decide what is compelling to watch or listen to, and, at best, their channelings of the acoustic sources will be revelatory, a second listening/viewing that intensifies the acoustic version in some new way.





In the third phase, the audience members themselves decide what is compelling, and are free to act on that decision, becoming the performers while exploring the space. Their performance in turn might be recorded and transmitted to the next audience waiting outside.