down the river

Welcome to the blog for The River Project, my year-long journey down and then back up the Mississippi River. I am very happy you have found your way here, and I’m hoping this will turn into a gathering place for everyone who is joining me on this journey, either physically or vicariously.

I have posted an overview of my thinking about The River Project that I wrote in March of 2009 as an application to the American Composers Forum for a McKnight Visiting Composer’s Fellowship, and I’m delighted to tell you I GOT that fellowship, so the project is now officially real and for sure going to happen.

I’ve set up The River Project to be open-ended enough to support multiple collaborations and agendas, some of which I’ll be talking about right away, and others of which will only develop once I’m on the river.

For now, I can tell you that in late July I will be meeting up with Richard Steadman-Jones and Mac Walton in Minnesota, and we’ll head up to the headwaters of the Mississippi River at Lake Itasca to start kayaking down the river!

More very soon…

Down and Up the Mississippi