floating through february

Even though we just finished up one series of concerts, there are more upcoming projects here in New York that continue the flow…

On 17 February, the Ekmeles Vocal Ensemble with Vicky Chow on piano and Ana Milosavljevic on violin will be performing a show we’re calling Songs from the River and Elsewhere on the Avant Music Festival, which is going to be a wonderful series of concerts, highly recommended.

We’ve already begun rehearsing the repertoire for the 17 February concert, and it’s really fascinating to be embedding RiverProject songs in and among songs from A Book of Days. While the journey down the river definitely changed me and my work, there are some themes that thread their way through all the pieces, and hearing them performed by these excellent musicians is really great.

Also upcoming (on 2 March) is a performance of The Sirens, or Pleasure, my Cagean (Cageish?) collaboration with Yvan Greenberg, by the duo Two Sides Sounding. come check out the bicycle roulette wheel doing its thing, you never know which crackerjack prizes it’ll choose!


Along with these performances, I’m starting work on Pump Music, a big new piece for violin, trombone quartet, and location recordings of hand pumps found in campsites along the Mississippi River, a Meet the Composer commission that will premiere later in the spring on the Tribeca New Music Festival. Stay tuned for news about date and venue, which should be firmed up very soon!

3 thoughts on “floating through february”

  1. Good morning, Eve.

    I just heard the story on NPR’s Saturday Morning Edition and wondered what is the title of the solfege song that was played in the story…and whether it is available on disc.

    My family will gather in June on a river in Illinois to scatter my husband’s ashes, and this composition, which he would have loved, would be a fitting accompaniment.

    Thank you.


  2. Love reading about the River Project and follow-ups. Oh, I wish (well, often wish) I were closer. Well, no — I don’t want to be in New York…just wish, sometimes.


  3. WONDERFUL, JUST WONDERFUL, Eve!!! I listened to Relevant Tones on WFMT 98.7 Chicago this past Saturday. I was on my way to an appointment, and on the way, I pulled over and parked my car. I just had to stop and listen without distractions for a bit.. I have not heard anything quite like this splendid work from your River Project. Amazing, beautiful, moving, alive, soulful! Thank you. I am hungry to purchase this music… to allow it to awaken my soul again! Is it available anywhere? I want to share it with so many friends! Thank you for your contribution of such depth, such talent and musical honesty to our world.
    Warmly and sincerely,

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