gleaning the cherries in Beulah

gleaning the cherries in Beulah

we’ve arrived in Beulah, MI, where my aunt and cousins all gather every summer at the Red House. she took us out this morning to see the cherry trees get shaken by this big machine, and we took the opportunity to gather some leftovers. have any of you been to the fabulous Cherry Hut?!?

and of course I am thinking about Agnes Varda and her wonderful movie, The Gleaners and I. Have any of you seen her new one, The Beaches of Agnes?

Later in the day, Emma and Victoria took Mac and I out on Crystal Lake for a bit of kayaking and a swim. I was very aware of us doing this thing recreationally that will soon be our main form of transportation, a very cool shift.

okay, getting kicked out of the library, see you later…

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  1. Hey Eve!
    I drove over the mighty Mississippi river yesterday at Davenport Iowa, looked into the wide swirling waters, and thought about you and your trip. I’m sure its going to be amazing, and I’m really glad you’re blogging about it. Great details to include are SMELLS! Be safe!

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