This performance of Purcell's The Blessed Virgin's Expostulation is nowhere near as expostulatory (is that a word?!) as I would like, but it gives you some idea of the piece. I'm thinking we should include an exploded version of this song in the project.


This is a collection of 13th and 14th century chant and polyphony in honor of the Virgin Mary. I incorporate the chant Felix Namque in my Lullaby. There's lots more beautiful stuff on this CD --really worth spending time with it.


The first song on the collection is A Slumber Song of the Madonna, which is a beautiful simple song. Could it be one of his first songs (written in 1925)? Depending on the other songs that get written, this one might be nice to include.

Index 1 is the late 50's gospel song Oh, Mary Don't You Weep. Full of a kind of magical easy sweetness in the face of all of it.

There's a reedy folk quality to the way Peres brings this music to life: this is NOT iccky new age chant, I promise! (ALL his CDs are worth checking out.) I used the final cut, Res est admirabilis as the basis for a set of variations in my 1996 organ and electronics piece, Wonder Counselor.