Another loop in the piece is a reference to a piece of mine from 1993 called Enough. Enough is a setting of a proverb by William Blake that says "You never know what is enough unless you know what is more than enough." I happened to be in Banff, Alberta when I was writing that piece, and I had the idea of having the piece gradually work its way into "Es ist genug" (It is enough) the famous Bach chorale. In my song, Enough, the bass does the whole-tone fragment of the melody over and over, and gradually the chorale comes in, and eventually the bass has had enough and joins the chorale at the end. I needed a copy of the chorale, and I called my parents, and they immediately faxed it to me. I was very tickled at the idea that my folks would happen to have a copy of Bach's chorales just lying around: it took all of about five minutes for them to come up with exactly what I needed to write the piece.

listen to the genug line (midi)