"Morning. Coffee?" Marge pulls a white paper napkin out of the holder and swoops it down an instant before the spoon lands on it dead center, without a sound.

Jessie nods first, then says, "Hi, Marge. Coffee. Maybe a muffin today if you have any." She forces herself to say Marge's name even though she doesn't really know her.

Marge write 'cf' and 'mf' on her tiny green pad, not keeping to the lines. The pencil is dull and leaves a trail of wide lead as 'mf' drifts off the page. Pad into her pocket and pencil into her hair. Jessie will have to let her hair grow.

"Still raining out there?" Marge asks, pouring a high dark steaming arc of coffee into a white mug.

"Rain?" Jessie never knows what the weather is.

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