James Allen & Eve Beglarian, keyboards • David Steele, clarinet • Matt Petty, roulette bicycle wheel, video

That vision just coming from junk and going up in the sky so pretty, way up in the sky, and people was around looking at it, you know, and I asked the good Lord then, if he’d keep me sober and keep that alcohol out of my hand, I’d make that vision that he had. And that vision, I didn’t know it was made out of junk, but it was just picked up stuff. You saw a whirlwind picking up leaves? Well that’s the way this vision was. But this vision wasn’t leaves, it was junk. And it was just picking up, like it was on a belt, rolling up and down, that’s the way it was. Pretty.

Cleveland Turner, the Flower Man, as told to Pete Gershon

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