recording for 2018 China tour • Jasper Dutz, bass clarinet | Marie Incontrera, keyboard & music director

TINTIN: So I had, listen to this: this…dream.

Ok. It's night. Trucks are racing around. Tanks rolling up with these stony looking fellows riding on top. Big fires. Cars burning. There are people crouched behind garbage trucks, shooting up at snipers. And Boris Yeltsin comes up to me really solemn, and earnest, and asks me to "Help with Revolution."

And I said OK. I wasn't that excited about it. But it's like, you know, "when in Rome."

So they take me over to where the action is, strap this rocket launcher on my back. And Boris says "to blast my way in," and points me at this big white building. So I start walking forward, step, step step, boom. Step, step, step, boom. I'm getting the hang of it, getting my aim down.

And we are winning. And right then while I'm still shooting, Boris, Boris pins a Hero of the Revolution medal on me.

And the Hero Medal is this cheap plastic. He pins it in like stabbing into my flesh, and whispers in my ear: "Is a credit card," and winks at me.

So I have this dream. And three days later there's a revolution, a coup-d'état, and tanks fire on the parliament building, which is white. And Yeltsin wins.

Hey Cheri, can you believe that ?


If I have a dream about a prizefight, a horse race, the stock market, something like that, I'll call you.

Stick with me kid. You'll have a closet full of red dresses.

You can tell em you knew me when I was nothing.

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