Dear patient performers: I am gradually moving my catalog into a flexible and searchable database so you can easily find what you are looking for. Currently you can search through more than 80 pieces by various different criteria, including size of ensemble, instrumentation, length, and so on. In addition, you are welcome to browse the list of works for pieces that aren’t yet published. Please get in touch if you’d like help finding something specific. And when you perform any of these pieces, please let me know.

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A Solemn Shyness

a solo piano piece inspired by a fragment of Emily Dickinson

Who Else

a small piece for spoken voice and piano


a song for soprano and pre-recorded track, Mary ushers the repentant Faust into the light…

None More Than You

a choral piece on a text of Walt Whitman

Can I have it without begging?

the latest piece in the series Machaut in the Machine Age, this one for flute and pre-recorded track

She Gets to Decide

a song responding to the Balthus painting “Thérèse Dreaming”

Another Time

a small piano piece to celebrate Leonard Bernstein’s 100th birthday

In Huts and on Journeys

for spoken voice and as many mobile phones as available

Farther from the Heart

for voice and piano on a poem by Jane Bowles

What Justice Looks Like

an invocation to Esther Hobart Morris, the first female judge in America, for solo voice with optional percussion and drone

Where Your Treasure Is: Mistake


for four pianists on three pianos or keyboards, with drumset or pre-recorded track

From the Same Melancholy Fate

a layered improvisatory piece for a solo player on any instrument, with pre-recorded electronics and video

On the Battlefield

Vicksburg battlefield

for solo brass or wind player with live processing, spoken word (recorded or live) and optional video

Tower of Ivory

for piccolo and pre-recorded track, responding to a Irish tin whistle solo called Salamanca

Enough Holes

enough holes

a short piano homage to Phillip Glass and Foday Musa Soso

No Delight in Sacrifice

no delight in sacrifice

commissioned by the Vermont Symphony Orchestra in celebration of their 80th Anniversary Season

Play Like a Girl

a set of eight keyboard variations on the Bulgarian Women’s Chorus standard, Kaval Sviri

Unfavored House

randomized Bach for feeling better…

Light up Your face

for actor, singer (or chorus), and piano (or instrumental ensemble)


solo trombone piece written for Will Lang in celebration of John Cage’s 100th birthday

Perpetual Happiness

a solo piano version of Stephen Sondheim’s Happiness.

Pump Music


inspired by a series of hand pumps I encountered in campsites while traveling down the Mississippi River, this piece is for violin, trombone quartet, and pre-recorded track

Did he promise you tomorrow?

did he promis you tomorrow

for a combination of at least six instruments and/or voices


for horn and pre-recorded electronics, inspired by a Rilke poem

The Island of the Sirens


inspired by a warning siren I encountered in Plaquemine, Louisiana, this piece is for vocalist and three additional singers or instrumentalists, with pre-recorded electronics