Not Worth just released on Koch by Sequitur

now I have yet another Koch release, this on a compilation of some of Sequitur’s cabaret songs on themes of money, sex, and politics… my piece is the opener to the CD: it’s called Not Worth, and the text is by my man Confucius.

here’s the link to the Amazon shopping page:

2 thoughts on “Not Worth just released on Koch by Sequitur”

  1. Hello Eve, My partner & I were very taken by you, your music and the World Premiere of Sang with Manoochehr, Pejman and the Master Chorale on June 3rd.
    I’m a Publisher/Owner of an alternative women’s magazine based in the So. Bay area. I would love to do a Lifestyle interview about you and your fabulous work for the magazine and our readers all over the country. We can do an in person or phone interview on a day & time of your choice.

  2. Hello again Eve, you are a truly blessed composer!!!!
    I look forward to your reply and thoughts.
    Best, Ella Matthes

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