new piece uploaded

It Happens Like This was written for cello and actor for a celebration of the poet James Tate at the Guggenheim Museum last fall. I’ve made a publishing page for the piece where you can download the score and listen to a demo. If you want to play it on an instrument other than cello, please let me know, and we can figure out an adaptation.

One thought on “new piece uploaded”

  1. Hello Eve,

    I really like this piece. I’ve had a chance to go through your site, a composing friend recommeded it to me. I really like the work you are doing.

    If you are ever in my ‘neck of the woods’, Brighton, England and are looking for a singer, get in touch. It would be nice to do some collaborative work. I’ve done a fair amount of contemporary music, there are some audio examples on my website.

    Keep the music com’n.

    Debbie Bridge

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