I’m back!

I’ve been very bad about posting here for the last few months, so sorry about that! I was whamming on The Man in the Black Suit, an opera based on the Stephen King story of the same name. (I’ll tell you more about that later…) We did a residency down at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, and some presentations back in NYC at PS 122, and then I headed out to Macomb, Illinois for a short composer residency at Western Illinois University, which was big fun. I’m back in NYC for a while, and one of the things on my to-do list is to make some serious inroads to updating this blog and website, so stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “I’m back!”

  1. Hi Eve,
    I agree, WIU was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed hearing more of your music — and Jim, Paul and Jake were wonderful hosts. They have an excellent department and the whole event was a blast. Hopefully your trip home was easy and uneventful.

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