Dangerous Music in Schenectady

Proctors Graphic

a fine crew of folks are presenting a show at the Proctor Music Hall on 9 January, developing music, words, movement, and visuals with Tony Kushner’s A Bright Room Called Day as a point of departure. I’ve written some new music (with lyrics by George W. Bush and Robert Frost (not simultaneously, though!)), and I’m looking forward to performing with Peggy Gould, Pamela Sneed, Jules Skloot, Bess Phillips, and Mary Rodriguez!

go here for more info and tickets

One thought on “Dangerous Music in Schenectady”

  1. Nice finding out more about the bright room!! Where the heck is Schenectady????? And really, does GWB have anything interesting to say?? 🙂 Good luck on the 9th!!!

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