Locrians play River Music

Here’s what Allan Kozinn of the New York Times had to say about Night Psalm and I’m Worried Now, but I Won’t Be Worried Long:

Mr. Faiman also gave a lovely account of Eve Beglarian’s “Night Psalm” (2009), an appealing meditation in which velvety descending arpeggios morph into a quietly rumbling harmonic haze. Ms. Beglarian’s “I’m Worried Now, but I Won’t Be Worried Long” (2010), though composed only a year after “Night Psalm,” inhabits a different universe: electronic sound, a droning cello line and tactile, rhythmically solid harp writing form the backdrop for a soulful, almost folk-song-like soliloquy for the violin, played here with a rich, deep sonority by Miranda Cuckson.

“I will not be sad in this world” reprised

The piece I wrote for Marya Martin’s Flutebook for the 21st Century will be played again by Marya at the Bridgehampton Chamber Music Festival on Sunday August 5th at 6:30 pm. She played it very beautifully at the premiere this spring, so it will be great to hear her do it again.

Here’s the link for more information about the concert, and here’s a link to Sahan Arzruni’s review of the piece.

here’s a link to a demo where I am singing the flute part: