BRIM: the RiverProject Band

I am really excited about the new band I’m putting together to perform the music inspired by my trip down the Mississippi River. Yowsa! Click on the fish!!!

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3 thoughts on “BRIM: the RiverProject Band”

  1. HI Eve!

    Thanks for sharing your music on Tuesday. I’m sorry I didn’t stay to greet you after the concert – I wasn’t feeling very well, and have indeed come down with a humdinger of a cold, but it was nice to hear the results of your journey. Loved the brass writing especially. The last piece was my favorite. 😉 Good luck with the continuation of your projects. Be well! Kristin

  2. I just saw your interview on New Music Box (NewMusicUSA being the new entity, I gather)

    Love your music.

    I wondered if the piece that Paul Dresher ensemble did years back to a poem by Milosz, if there’s a recording available of that?

    I liked what you had to say about the internet NOT bringing disparate audiences together. I think that’s mostly true. Whatever we have in the way of preconceptions and narrowly focused fondness (“I like rock” – “I like new music”) seems unlikely to be effected by making a mountain of other stuff available.

    But it’d be fun to be wrong, wouldn’t it?

    I’m writing operas of one kind or another & am having a pretty good run as far as seeing them produced. I’ve been imagining for some time that there is a willingness to reach out from a lot of people – those who go to live performance, anyway – if they hear it is something cool. So, again, I liked what you had to say & what seemed to me a genuine curiosity to see where this is all leading as disparate people continue to put all they’ve got into making new work and loosing it on the world.

  3. hi clark, thanks so much for your comment, sounds like we’re definitely on the same page about this stuff! looking forward to exploring what you’ve been writing lately. in the meantime, the Milosz piece, Creating the World, is available on my 2006 New World Records release,Tell the Birds. Go here for more info.

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