Press for BRIM: the River Project

“Ms. Beglarian kayaked and bicycled the length of the Mississippi River [and] has translated her findings into music of sophisticated rusticity… [Her] new Americana song cycle captures those swift currents as vividly as Mark Twain did. The works waft gracefully on her handsome folk croon and varied folk instrumentation as mysterious as their inspiration.” –The New York Times

“Eve Beglarian, composer, experimentalist and collaborator, has built a career translating other people’s obsessions into music… This time the obsession, the mighty Mississippi and its impact on American culture, is her own.” — New York Times profile by Kathleen Shattuck: 2 Sept 2009 | link | pdf

Listen to the broadcast of “Eve Beglarian’s Huck Finn Adventure” on PRI’s Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen.

Read an Interview with Eve Beglarian about the RiverProject’s NYC debut, by Amanda MacBlane in Time Out New York.

“Everything about Beglarian’s project is quietly idiosyncratic… Beglarian’s suitably Mississippian music laps repetitively. The four trombones are a sheer joy of serenading foghorns. Rowell and Riley are exciting, creative musicians. But what also makes her river music beguiling is her remove as an observer. She is not a documentarian, although she showed slides of some of the sites along the way, gave brief introductions to the places and read excerpts from a blog journal she kept. The River Project is a frame of mind. — Mark Swed, in the Los Angeles Times 1 March 2014 | link | pdf

“Beglarian’s warmth, measured speech and apparent love of process [sound] something like what you’d get if Laurie Anderson and Steve Reich moved out to the country and started a folk group. Her narrated travelogue [is] populated with interesting characters, underlain with history and enriched with observations…” — The Oregonian: 24 Oct 2011 | link

“Rivers used to be the main methods of navigation… If you [get to a river town] by car, you drive by Walmart and malls, but by river, you find the remnants of 19th, 18th, even 17th-century America.”
-Eve Beglarian in a profile in The Oregonianlink

“[The] enchanting, enthralling evening proceeded in [a] riverine fashion, flowing and turning, touching visual, sonic, literary destinations, characteristically embracing pop, classical, electric, electronic, acoustic territories and more.” –Oregon ArtsWatch | link

“There’s no sense in trying to label Beglarian’s music… Often, the catalyst for [her] composition is a text or a sound to which she responds.” –San Jose Mercury News profile: 11 Mar 2010 | pdf

“What began as a solo kayaking tour of the Mississippi River for Eve Beglarian has morphed into an all-star excursion…” –Alton (IL) Telegraph profile: 19 Oct 2009 | linkpdf