the mystery of how much

“The mystery in how little we know of other people is no greater than the mystery of how much,” wrote Eudora in The Optimist’s Daughter. Perhaps the implication is that the same mystery applies to places as well as people.

My visits to Rodney with Chris and Mary in the last six months are as far distant from Eudora’s visits to Rodney in the 30s and 40s as hers are from the Civil War.

I’ve just gone through and added some excerpts from the Welty story At the Landing to a small set of selected images.

To explore more photos of Rodney and the surrounding river country, please go here.

3 thoughts on “the mystery of how much”

  1. WonderWoman Eve: I’ve been dreaming of wisteria vines, and listening to your voice. I love the mix of older voices, lessons in botany and zoology, the sense of continuing movement and discovery. It is “brim” full of all of these. Being a classicist, I want to know about the connective tissue, if any.
    love, Barbara

  2. I love Eudora Welty and have visited Windsor Ruins several times. I’ve always wanted to go to Rodney but have never been able to find it. Can you possibly give any suggestions about locating it? Beautiful pictures. Thanks so much!

  3. hi katy, thanks for your comment: getting to Rodney isn’t too bad, here’s a maplink:

    the road through Alcorn College (off 552) won’t work, but all the other Rodney Roads (there’s are a few of them) will take you to Rodney eventually!

    good luck with your travels…

    best, eve

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