[most recent update: 06.27.04]

I am embarking on a new project called Re-thinking Mary. The plan is to put together a show, most likely performed in a club or a concert hall rather than a church, devoted to exploring the history of and possible present resonances for the multiple metaphors she embodies. The performing forces will be primarily voices and electronics, and possibly some acoustic instruments as well.

The reason I am putting up these rough notes now is because I am inviting selected artists to collaborate with me on developing the project at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in October 2004. (If you are interested, you can find all the information you need to apply by following the above link. The deadline is 26 July 2004.)

The book that triggered my idea for this project is Marina Warner's history of Mary, called Alone of All Her Sex. It's full of really interesting ideas about Mary, so I strongly recommend it as a great starting point for this project.

So here's a list of stuff you might want to explore with me. It's not very organized yet, but I'll keep working on it throughout the summer. If you send me interesting stuff of your own, I'll post it also.

the first piece in the project: Lullaby

Alone of All Her Sex notes

other books I've read so far (with some notes)

some interesting music

Henry Adams notes

Mary stuff in Latin

miscellaneous tidbits

various interesting Mary links

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