Osculati Fourniture (2007)

for alto or tenor voice or instrument (e.g. voice, viola, bassoon, electric guitar, alto flute, etc.) and pre-recorded setars

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The title of the piece comes from a mysterious query in a journal entry written by my mother, Joyce Heeney Beglarian, on 22 May 1981, while en route to Florence from Pisa. I cannot know why these two words came into her mind while riding along the autostrada, or what connection the phrase might have with shutters or Lucca, but it seems likely that the whole business has some obscure significance.

The music is a response to the gushe Zirkesh-e Salmak in the dastgah of Shur, part of the repertoire of Persian classical music. Its relation to all this is perhaps osculate in some sense.

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here is a recording:

score in C (pdf)

alto flute version (pdf)

pre-recorded part only (mp3)

pre-recorded part with a bit of vox reverb (mp3)
(in case you want to work with a ghost of my version)

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Osculati Fourniture is January 24th in A Book of Days. The piece is dedicated with love to Yvan Greenberg, who I imagine might enjoy this little cabinet of oddities.

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[and by the way, my shutter photos were taken in Pescia, not Lucca -- but you get the idea...]

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